1. Provision of office space at concessionary rates

    VSU has constructed a building with offices, board room and AV room for incubatees’ use


    1. Access to shared-use facility

    Incubatees who do not have yet of their own processing plant/facility may avail of equipment and facility, on toll fee agreement, for processing in the university. Incubatees when situated in shared-use facility has the added advantage of proximity to technology generators who can help them in secondary problems that may arise.


    1. Marketing assistance

    Showcasing and marketing of product and services via Technomart and on-line. Products and services of incubatees are sold at a [email protected] with other technology-based products of VICAARP that made into commercialization stage.


    1. Provision of shovel-ready farms

    For incubatees who would like to engage in commercialization of technologies that requires land, the TBI with concurrence of VSU will provide them with shovel-ready farm within VSU campus.


    1. Packaging / Label design assistance

    Incubatees will be assisted by the VSU-TBI experts in designing the packaging of their products. The mass printing will be outsourced. However, for stand up pouch packaging, the VSU-TBI will build its capability to accommodate printing limited volume/numbers for test marketing and product launching.


    1. Quality and shelf–life analysis

    Shelf-life and quality are two crucial attributes of food and agricultural products. With concessionary fee, the VSU-TBI will provide the needed studies and analysis for the incubatee products.


    1. Training/coaching

    Researchers/technology developers of the VICAARP-member agencies will provide the training on the product or services that will be commercialized. Business practitioners will also be invited to serve as resource persons to lectures and serve as coaches of the incubatees.


    1. Links to strategic partner

    The [email protected] will link the incubatee to strategic partner such as raw material suppliers, line agencies of the government and potential markets. 


    1. Administrative

    VSU is going to assign personnel who will manage the day-to-day promotion and operation of the VSU-TBI. University offices such as the accounting and legal offices will also provide support to the operation of the TBI.  


    1. Help with regulatory compliance

    About TBI

    VSU-TBI is an innovative institutional approach to facilitate technology commercialization and provide opportunities for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (AANR) graduates to become science and technology-based entrepreneurs...
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    Vision, Mission

    A globally competitive university for science, technology, and environmental conservation.
    Development of a highly competitive human resource, cutting-edge scientific knowledge and innovative technologies for sustainable communities and environment

    Contact Information

    Project Leader
    TBI, VSU,Visca, Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines 6521-A
    Tel No. | Fax No.: (+63)(053)563-0537
    Facebook: VSUTBI |
    Email: [email protected] |
    For queries, comments, and suggestions, kindly email us.
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